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Rickling - Beech Class

Spring Term 2020

Colchester Museum Trip

Autumn Term 2019








Cadbury World Trip

Beech Class had a lovely visit to Cadbury World. The first activity was a talk about the rainforest where we even got to smell a cacao bean. Next we went in an elevator with a bird that was slightly mischievous. On the ground floor there was a 4D adventure with 3D glasses on; it really felt like you were on a roller coaster at times. After lunch, we enjoyed a tour which started in the rainforest, looking at the Aztecs and the people who encountered the tribe. These were the people who eventually brought chocolate to Europe. After that, we watched a film about how Cadbury's started as a factory, what the first shop was like and why Mr Cadbury decided to build houses for his workers.  The film was interactive and the seats wobbled each time something exciting happened. After that there was a series of films about how they make each type of chocolate. We then were given liquid chocolate to write our names as well as the chance to temper the chocolate.  In advertising alley we saw a series of advertisements by Cadburys.  Who remembers the gorilla? There was a trip through Cadbury World in a small car on a monorail. Finally, the part we had waited for - the chocolate tasting!  Thank you to Mrs Gemmill and Ms Fogarty for coming with us.









Wacky Races





Visit to London











French Lesson - French Café




Beech Easter Play - Roll back the Stone




Cave Painting

Getting ready for Science Week - Beech Class having fun making Parachutes






We have started to study Forces - using toys, rubber bands and table tennis balls.  We have looked at forces associated with air (windmills) and finding the windiest places in the playground and investigating why




PE lesson measuring their heart rates and looking at different muscles



Making Christingles 2017

Farm Visit

Beech Class went to visit the combine harvester whilst  it was in action harvesting the sugar beets.  They were amazed to see the tractor draw along side and collect the beets whilst the harvester kept moving.  They are now studying the new crop, winter wheat, which has started growing already.

Runway Measuring

Bone and Muscle Talk - by Mrs Lampon





Wicken Fen Visit - 21st September 2017

Beech Class had a trip to Wicken Fen with Silver Birch Class.  Here are some photos of their day showing some of the activities they took part in.

Pond Dipping

Pond Dipping

Pond Dipping

Pond Dipping

Pond Dipping

 West Stow Visit

On Monday 15th May, Beech Class took a trip to West Stow.  Here are a selection of photos from their exciting day out.





Sutton Hoo Visit

On Tuesday 13th June Beech Class visited Sutton Hoo.  See photos below.




Colchester Zoo Visit 

Please click on the link to view a PDF version of the PowerPoint Presentation of Beech's Visit to Colchester Zoo.

Beech Class Visit to Colchester Zoo  Beech Class Visit to Colchester Zoo


Photos for the transit of Mercury:

On Monday 9th May the children observed the transit of Mercury live using a solarscope and a refractor kindly brought in by Mrs Lay and Mr Mark Moulds.  We got some marvellous live views and also watched the Greenwich live feed on the big screen during lunchtime. This was fantastic for Beech Class who are currently studying 'Light' in Science at the moment. Thank you very much Mr Moulds and Mrs Lay.




Making Bread:








Computing:  Acting out algorithms about getting to school in the morning


Leaf Experiments: