Federation of Farnham and Rickling

Reading at The Federation

We read everyday at The Federation and it forms the strongest foundation for our curriculum. 

Our 100 Books to Read before you leave Primary School (originally created by Ashley Booth) can be viewed here: 

Reception, Year 1 and Year 2        

Year 3 and 4

Year 5 and 6

Our rigorous and sequential approach to reading starts in the EYFS with our phonics program, which follows Letters and Sounds and incorporates many aspects of Phonics Play.  Our reading books closely follow the phonics knowledge pupils are taught when they first learn to read. 

As children progress through the school they continue with guided reading and in the later years, whole class reading, which continues to support their comprehension and broad knowledge of genre.

Reading intervention takes many forms at The Federation.  We use Lexia to support fluency, understanding and spelling; Read Theory to support comprehension; Toe by Toe to support early fluency and to support issues as they arise. 

Please do speak to either Mrs Snelling or Mrs Wheatcroft if you have any questions about our approach to reading - it's something we are incredibly passionate about!