Federation of Farnham and Rickling


 Is my child to ill for school?  

Please use the link above to access advice from the NHS about when to keep your child at home with an illness. 


If your child is too unwell to attend school...

 Please phone the

Rickling school office on 01799 543274 or email admin@rickling.essex.sch.uk


Farnham school office on 01279 771339 or admin@farnham.sch.uk

ASAP to inform the school that your child is absent and to explain the cause of the absence. The school will ask about the nature of the illness and the expected duration of the absence.


If we don’t receive your phone call, we will phone home to ascertain your child’s whereabouts and reason for absence.


Please phone on subsequent days if your child is away for more than 1 day.

Written notification needs to be sent into school on the first day back.


Holidays in Term Time

As a school we do not authorise holidays in term time unless there are unique and compelling exceptional circumstances.


As you already know every day in school counts.  If you need to request a holiday in term time please put your request in writing to Mrs Wheatcroft and fill out an absence request form available from the school office or here via the following link:  


PDF icon  Request for Leave of Absence Form